We are committed to an evidence-based approach

At the Alex Howard Group, we are committed to an evidence-based approach to self-development and healing, with empathy and passion at the heart of everything we do.

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About us

The Alex Howard Group comprises an online learning platform Conscious Life, leading health clinic The Optimum Health Clinic, therapist training programme Therapeutic Coaching, along with the groundbreaking therapy YouTube series In Therapy with Alex Howard and coaching program The RESET Program.  

Alongside the Group, Alex is the author of Why ME? and Decode Your Fatigue. Alex’s third book, It’s Not Your Fault: Why childhood trauma shapes you and how to break free, is now available.

We Care
About the people we serve and we care about our people who serve them
We Grow
Through embracing challenge, being curious and staying humble
We Deliver
Best in class products and services that make a real difference to people’s lives

We do it together

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Our Companies

The Optimum Health Clinic

Trailblazing integrative medicine clinic specialising in trauma, anxiety, sleep, fatigue and related conditions. Team of 25 full time practitioners, and clients in 50+ countries.

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Conscious Life

Leading online video platform.  Home to the Super Conference series which has been attended by over 1 million people.

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Therapeutic Coaching

Professional training program supporting the next generation of clinically trained practitioners

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Alex Howard

Home to Alex’s personal projects such as In Therapy, RESET Program, ‘Decode Series.’ and books.

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